We exist autonomously from distribution and production companies, museums, galleries and funding agencies. We are a folk-based production house, a counterforce against mainstream trends in contemporary art practices. Expanded cinema, cinema of exhibition, gallery films and experimental filmmaking are not only entering into new exhibition spaces but also into new economies. The encounter between theatrical and gallery exhibition modes have ironically generated an economy of consumption, distraction, and disposability. At a time when theatrical exhibition and gallery spaces are being negotiated, we emphasize the political relevance of the conditions of production, distribution and display, focusing in the intersection between different formats and genres.

In order to ultimately expand the potential for moving image in contemporary exhibition spaces and economies, we center our practice around two lines of operation.


Exhibiting Cinema | Aiding in the distribution and exhibition of films directly related to specific cinematic modes, meanwhile emphasizing the political relevance of the conditions of distribution and display.

Practices in Transition | Critically engaging with practices and institutions for each cinematic mode, such as avant-garde, experimental filmmaking, video art, installation, and artists’ films. Encouraging the practice of artists that occupy unique positions between video art and cinema.